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About Us

VeeOutsource is an innovative wide range service provider helping businesses take the next step towards becoming a giant in their industry. Our years of experience allows us provide solutions and services on the go.

Our Mission

With lots of options and choices for businesses, we aim to make things easier for our clients by providing quality services consistently and doing everything instantly.

Our Values

We focus on developing unwavering trust with all of our clients through a commitment to quality and honesty that you will never see in any other outsourcing service.

Our Vision

We aim to become the go to choice for businesses who are looking for professional services. Whatever you need, we are constantly striving to earn a distinctive reputation.

Imagine Us as Your Employees


Solve Business Problems from Idea to Execution

All our solutions are designed to build a better partnership with our clients. Our work is based on making the lives of our clients as easy as possible.


You Give Us the Requirements, We Handle the Rest

Instead of making our clients handle multiple things at once, we do all the work. You just need to give us your requirements and we handle everything from interviews to hiring.


Stop Worrying about Your Budget Not Matching Manpower Efficiency

We provide a perfect balance between cost and quality by reducing your overhead cost through a team of professionals who give the best value for money.


VeeOutsource has been in the business long enough to provide a variety of services to its clients across many industries. We make sure that you can focus on your core business while we handle the rest.


Business Suites

We enable businesses to reach beyond
their productive boundaries by delivering functions that optimize their core processes. Whether it is customers, direct product suppliers, or service providers, we can customize the suite according to the environment.


Medical Billing

We are your trusted partner in medical billing services, offering affordable solutions that streamline your revenue management. Our dedicated team ensures transparent financial analytics to boost your practice's performance. With us, you can fast track your billing and optimize revenue while concentrating on what matters most – patient care.


Remote Sales

Whether you want to empower your
current sales force by hiring outside help
or you want to build a whole sales department from the ground up, we have the needed expertise to provide you with everything from technology to sales agents and proven


Financial Services

From hiring and training costs to
building a department from scratch, we help businesses overcome all of these expenses by providing everything needed to handle different tasks such as financial analysis, managing accounts, bookkeeping, risk management, and much more.


Telemarketing Services

We help businesses save time and
money by providing them a variety of telemarketing services and enabling them to meet their inbound and outbound calling needs. Our mission is to provide businesses with the technology and staff they need to deliver outstanding customer service.

Our Specialist Industries

CCTV Monitoring and Video Management Software

Immediate identification and swift action against intrusions VeeOutsource helps make your organization more secure. Our experienced and trained staff who can monitor your on-site operations hence your on-site security is ensured.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

We can help you quickly set up video monitoring and surveillance devices along with providing you a trained surveillance team that has the needed technical, legal, and ethical training to professionally operate and take action.

Quality Control

Record, store, and access real-time videos to drive useful insights of your on-premise operations anywhere, anytime, and from any device you want to make your business processes more smooth and efficient.

We are proud partners with the best in the industry, Milestone and Network Optix.

Milestone network

Why Choose VeeOutsource

  • 24/7 Uninterrupted Support

  • 100% Call Recording

  • Utilizing state of the art cloud-PBX by IPPBX® or VOICENT®

  • Highly Competent Staff
  • 100% Desktop Collaboration/Recording

  • Utilizing state of the art U2i cloud or Microsoft Teams

  • Custom Reports & Analysis

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Local Phone Number
    (for all members in 65 countries)

  • Focus on Employee Retention

  • Dedicated Video Call Capability
    (for all members (Zoom) for Training or Business Applications)



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For over a decade, we have been outsourcing different services to business with extreme care. Whether it is individual clients, companies, or organizations, we have the technology and staff to help them achieve success.






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